Who Are We?

Fins and Skins is an owner operated local pet shop, with decades of experience in fish and reptile keeping, animal husbandry and breeding. We strive to provide the absolute healthiest animals at competitive pricing. Our goal is to make sure that our customers have a place that they can trust to go for information as well as guidance in this hobby. Our animals are our family members and we want to make sure that you get the right products to properly care for them for a long healthy life. We offer the name brand items that you will find in the big box stores for a better value and we actually have the experience and knowledge to show you how to use them properly.

We understand the science behind starting a new tank and can guide our customers through what can be a very aggravating experience if you aren’t armed with the right knowledge of what to expect. Our staff are all hobbyists and have gone through the steps to start and maintain a healthy aquarium, so you know you can trust our guidance. We offer water testing services to help diagnose any issues that may arise on your journey to the tank of your dreams, and carry every product you may need to fix them.

Our Staff

All of our staff complete a vigorous apprenticeship program prior to being hired. They are trained on the science of cycling a tank, proper feeding and maintenance techniques as well as the individual requirements for all our fish and reptiles. We want to promote the care and wellbeing of your pets, so we have several knowledge centers located throughout the store where customers are encouraged to look up information on animals and products. Contact us to find out about joining the apprenticeship program!

Our Services

Aquarium and Terrarium Delivery, Set-up, & Maintenance

We offer aquarium and terrarium delivery services. We can drop off a purchase that just won’t fit into your vehicle, or set-up the entire aquarium or terrarium from top to bottom. We have a maintenance service where we can come out and diagnose a problem you have so that you can fix it, or we can be your full service maintenance company. Pricing scales vary.

Reptile Services

We offer incubation services for your eggs. Let’s face it, nature finds a way, even when we weren’t planning to breed. When this happens we can incubate your eggs for you until hatching. We have sexing services for some reptiles, to help you determine the gender of your animals. We can even build your entire enclosure custom to suit your needs, stop by the shop to check out some of our amazing animal environments.

Educational Parties

We offer educational parties to help promote a healthy understanding of how beautiful reptiles can be and allow kids a hands on experience they will not get anywhere else. Call us today to schedule the zoo to come to you!

Animal Rescue/Surrender

Fins and Skins works closely with FWC to make sure that every animal that comes through our store has a happy and forever home. However, sometimes things happen that mean an animal needs to be rehomed. We are an everyday amnesty drop off location for fish or reptiles that need to be rehomed. In the state of Florida you cannot sell any freshwater fish, saltwater fish or reptile without the proper licensing (YES – even on Craigslist as a “re-homing fee”) FWC is watching and shouldn’t be messed with. That means that we will accept an animal surrendered to us as a donation, allowing you to stay out of trouble. Many of these animals find a happy home in one of our local schools that we work closely with to promote the hobby.

Volunteer Opportunities

We also accept students who need to get volunteer hours taken care of for school or scholarships. Call us to find out how to volunteer here!